Jan 16, 2010

The Carlo Canlas fans club day

I attended a fans club meeting last night for the first time in my life: the Carlo Canlas fans club day.

What -- you've never heard of Carlo Angelo Canlas? Well, when you do, remember that I was the one who first wrote about him.

Carlo is a graphic designer of goFLUENT, the European leader in English distance learning by telephone. He also designed the banner of my friend Tarie's blog, Asia in the heart, world in the mind, which you just have to see -- the banner, not the blog. (Just kidding, Tarie!)

He used to be part of goFLUENT's resources department (a.k.a. "The Library"), which creates the English-learning materials used by our teachers and learners. I couldn't imagine how he ever fit in. It was too square and quiet a place for someone like Carlo, who likes to play music using external speakers instead of headphones, and actually talks to his colleagues out loud instead of using IM.

I remember I used to have firing-range ear muffs on my desk specifically for the times when Carlo decides to play his music or talk out loud, just so that I could do my editing tasks. His music and chatter were simply too interesting to block out: "Wake up! Grab a brush and put a little make-up!"

I took the ear muffs home when he moved to IT. I hardly ever needed them anymore.

In the IT department, he put a multi-colored disco lights ball on his desk to complement the sounds, and at least once, I have actually seen him use it right there, during work hours. I couldn't believe my eyes, but I wasn't surprised either. After all, it's Carlo.

And yes, he got away with it. After all, a graphic artist extraordinaire such as he needs his inspiration, right?

Speaking of inspiration: Sorry, ladies, he's taken.

When he was in resources, his official shift ended at 8 p.m., but he usually went  home at 2 a.m. Why? His inspiration's shift ended at 2 a.m. and he didn't want her to go home alone. She lived in Marikina, to the right of Eastwood City where we work. He lived in Cubao, to the left. What time he got to his own house, I cannot guess.

When his inspiration and a few other friends arranged this surprise fans club day for Carlo, the published reason was "advanced and belated birthday celebration."

Nevermind that his birthday is in July.

Oh well. Any excuse will do to celebrate a genuinely cool dude.

Rock on, Carlo! Advanced and belated happy birthday!


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