Jan 15, 2010

CS does cause memory loss

This Filipino mom didn't use to believe it when other Filipino moms said that they had become forgetful because of their CS. But after having three C-sections myself, I'm inclined to change my mind. Perhaps all that anesthesia does have an effect on one's memory, because these days, I find myself forgetting more and more things.

One of the last things I've forgotten is the reason why I'm taking up MA in English studies.

Make no mistake: I love taking up English studies. I'm having a ball attending my classes. In fact, for the first time in my life, I feel a pain in my gut when I skip a class -- which I only do in extreme situations, like when all of my three kids have been vomiting for the past 24 hours, or the sales team in France needs to present a product that our team was assigned to prepare about four hours earlier and due in the next two hours.

So having clarified that I love my English classes, I return to my main point: I can't remember why I'm in the English studies program.

When I do remember, I'll update you.

If I don't remember, then this Filipino mom will probably be taking up IT next year.


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