Mar 30, 2010

Mommy's Home!

Last Friday, I finally left goFLUENT, my full-time office-based job, and will be transferring to a full-time home-based one.

This used to be my playground

I must admit, it was a hard job to leave. I loved the work, I loved the place, and I loved the people.

But with a home-based job, I can be a full-time mommy once again: No more teary goodbyes every morning. No more feeling of helplessness when Grandma reports that (I won't mention her name) misbehaved again today. No more depending on teachers to give them the education that I can give ten times better myself. No more overwhelming feelings of guilt that my children's childhood is passing by without me being there to see it and guide them.

I have left a work, a place, and people I love to go home to a work, a place, and people I love even more.

Thank you, God, for this gift -- and please, let me be able to keep it this time!

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