Mar 17, 2010

Withdrawing from Paypal to Metrobank, BDO, and RCBC

As mentioned in a previous post, this Filipino mom (me) has successfully withdrawn her Paypal funds to her Metrobank account using this bank code/routing number: 026002846.

The money took about three working days to reach me, and Metrobank deducted 77 pesos (if my calculations are correct) from my account.

This time, I tried withdrawing to my BDO account. The bank code/routing number I used for BDO was 010530667, a routing number that I got from

The transaction was successful too. It took about five working days, and BDO deducted 200 pesos from my account (this time, I'm sure my calculations are correct).

I think the discrepancy between the Metrobank deduction and the BDO one could have been due to the fact that the bank code for Metrobank routed to a New York address, while the bank code for BDO must have routed to a Philippine address. This is what I suspect, although I am not sure.

I must admit that at first, I was hesitant to use the 010530667 routing number for BDO because, if you will take a closer look at the web page where I got it from, you will notice that the Metrobank routing number listed there is different from the one that Metrobank had given me and which I successfully used.

But I had no choice because when I called BDO to get their routing number directly from them, they were completely unaware that they had a routing number and kept insisting that we cannot transfer our PayPal funds to their bank.

I even tried calling again, hoping to reach a more knowledgeable customer service agent, but apparently, they are all equally uninformed. So I had to trust what I could find online.

Thank goodness it worked!

I've also tried withdrawing to my RCBC (commercial bank, not savings bank) account. I used the routing number 010280014, which I found in the link I gave above. It worked too. That's the second time that the routing number I got from that link worked, so I think it would be pretty safe to presume that the info there is correct.

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