May 12, 2010

How to Get a Home-based Copy Editing Job

Several Filipino moms have asked me about how to get a work-at-home copy-editing and proofreading job since my last post: How do you get experience for such a job, what is a copy editing job like, and -- most importantly -- is the income good?

So I decided to post here my reply to one of them:

Dear M------,

The truth of the matter is, copy editing is such a rule-bound job, it can be done by anybody who 1) is able to strictly adhere to the rules of grammar and punctuation and 2) has the intellectual capacity to remember all of them. 

Needless to say, it is not easy to find people for it.

My company is hiring. We do not require people to have experience, although that is preferred, of course. But if one is completely new at it, we give stringent training to people who can show that they have the requirements I mentioned in the previous paragraph.

As for the pay, I really don't know how it will measure up to your expectations. It could be big or small, depending on what you're used to. To put it bluntly, I make a regular monthly gross income of (email me and I will tell you).

If you decide that that amount is enough for the opportunity to work at home, I will gladly give you all the help I can give. You can also e-mail your résumé to

(Incidentally, you may be interested in reading a previous post I have on what it's like to work from home: The World of the Work-at-Home Mom.)

Hope that helps!

Warm regards,


UPDATE: From what I last heard, inWrite no longer accepts home-based editors. But they still accept office-based ones. Office is in Makati.

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