May 27, 2010

Nature-friendly Beauty

Now here's one product review that this Filipino mom has been itching to write for soooo long, but for one reason or the other, always had to postpone. Well here it is right now: Earth-friendly toiletries from Human Heart Nature!

The company's products are 100% natural. The label on their shampoo says "No parabens, phthalates, SLS/SLES, formaldehyde, and other toxic [substances]. KEEP AWAY FROM DIRECT SUNLIGHT. Best before 12 months after opening."

So far, I've tried four of their products:

Nourishing shampoo (Aloe vera and lemongrass):

My favorite part about this one was the smell. It smelled so lemongrass-y!

I got the 50 ml bottle to try it out first. I'm not one to fuss much about my hair, so I can't tell if it made my hair look any better; but I can say that it did not make my hair look any worse, haha. And at the end of my shower, my conscience was as clean as my hair, knowing I did not put anything harmful into the Earth.

One thing I wish was different about this shampoo: it was not as sudsy I would have liked it to be. But I've heard that the sudsier a product is, the more drying it is as well, so I guess it's okay that it doesn't foam on top of my head. (All right, I actually cheat. I now mix it with water and make it foam before pouring it on my head to make it sudsier. Old preferences die hard, what can I say?)

The shampoo is available in different variants, which you can find on the Human Nature site.

50 ml - P32.75
100 ml - P59.75
200 ml - P99.75

Moringa Facial Wash

First things first: Moringa is a fancy name for malunggay, the wonder veggie that every Filipino mom has served for lunch one time or the other.

When I woke up one day and realized I'm not twenty-one anymore, I knew I had to stop using Safeguard on my face. At first, I tried the Olay Total Effects facial wash, to see if it would really make my husband obedient to my every whim.

Well, that experiment failed.

Also, I found out that the microbeads in Olay (and other facial washes that have plastic microbeads) tend to get into the rivers and get ingested by fish, who die because of them.

So I and my overenthusiastic conscience were truly happy to find this moringa facial wash, which promised to make me beautiful without harming any fishes.

What can I say -- it worked! (I dare you to refute that!)

As with all nondrying soaps, the moringa facial wash is a cream cleanser that you rinse out afterward. No, it does not have any of my beloved suds, but I guess that is the price I have to pay to look good at thirty-two.

One more thing: the product is so natural, it has no added fragrance at all. In other words, I don't love its smell. But it's a wash, not a perfume, after all.

The product is good if you are working in an airconditioned room all day. In such situations, this facial makes your skin velvety soft, and my blackheads have disappeared.

Now that I work at home in a sauna room a.k.a. nonairconditioned bedroom, I will try out their tomato-and-lemongrass facial wash, which promises to brighten my skin with lycopene. I hope it's sudsy, for a change. Watch out for the review on that one.

50 ml - P79.75
100 ml - P139.75

Hand Sanitizer

A must-have if you have kids, because -- did you know that isopropyl alcohol can be toxic to your kids? Yes, that's why doctors no longer recommend adding alcohol to the water we use to give sponge baths to our feverish kids.

The Human Heart Nature hand sanitizer uses sugar cane alcohol to disinfect, and aloe vera and natural vitamin E to moisturize our kids' hands. It also has that wonderful, wonderful citrus oil smell that I like to sniff when I'm feeling car sick. (I don't know if there's scientific support for that, but hey, whatever works!)

50 ml - P69.75
200 ml - P259.75

Citronella Bug Spray

I saved the best for last. This bug spray has just two ingredients: virgin coconut oil (base) and organic citronella oil (active ingredient), which has been used as an insect repellent for more than 50 years (Source: US Environmental Protection Agency).

I love it because it's so economical! I press the sprayer to put one squirt of oil on my hands, rub my hands together, and pass my oily palms all over my baby's body. One squirt is all it takes! And, of course, it keeps the mosquitoes away.

And if baby EJ decides to taste his skin, I don't have to worry about poisoning because citronella oil, in scientific studies, "shows little or no toxicity." (Source: EPA)

50 ml - P79.75
100 ml - P119.75

If you're interested . . .

If you're interested in purchasing these products, or if you want to sell them yourself and earn extra income -- well, I'm not connected to the company, but I can refer you to the dealer who sells the products to me.

I don't sell them myself because I'm too busy right now; but if I had more time, this is one thing that I certainly won't be embarrassed to offer to my colleagues and even to my former manager, who is the epitome of class.

For more info on the company and its multitude of products, please check out

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