Jun 18, 2010

How Your Child Can Be a Commercial Model

Here's something I found serendipitiously from another Filipino mom's blog. I think a lot of other Filipino moms would be interested in it: How to Get Your Kids into Commercial Modeling.

little girl splash page

Now for the record, I must admit I am iffy about my stand on kids modeling for commercials. One side of me feels that it must be hard for the kids to stay under all those hot lights! And what might all that publicity to do the kids' ego? Could it be psychologically unhealthy?

But then, there's that other side of me -- the adventurous side -- that says if it's what your kids want to do, then it's your job as parent to open doors for them. Better they get into the business with you at their back to guide them than for them to jump into the lion's den, so to speak, when you're not around to protect them.

My logical mind says, "Look at Lea Salonga. She started so young and seems to have turned out pretty well. It depends on how well your parents bring you up."

Then there's that part of me that says, "You're playing with fire. Expose your kids to that world of vanity and egocentrism, and you're playing with fire. You could come out unscathed -- like Lea Salonga -- but you've increased the risk of them being burned."

In the end, fellow moms, it's your own call.

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