Dec 29, 2010

A Blog for Writers

I was going to postpone plugging this new blog until after I've registered our writing group with the DTI this coming January, but I had nothing to edit this afternoon and didn't feel like writing yet, so I decided to advertise to my readers instead!

For all aspiring writers out there, especially those who would like to make money by writing from home, do check out We post all our writing tips there, and they are specially targeted to writers of online articles.

And if you're already a good writer, do check out Escrive's About Us page, to see if you would like to join our group. We are looking for freelance writers who have good research skills, can write information-filled and concise articles, can withstand rigorous editing, and can follow instructions to the letter.

In return, we will never, never ask you to write keyword articles or, heaven forbid, rewrite a single article into four different versions at ten centavos per word.

If you have questions about compensation, please e-mail us at

If you wish to apply as writer, please send us your application letter and attach your resume, one sample article written for offline submission, and a sample article written for online publication, in DOC or DOCX format. Please clearly indicate which is which by prefixing the filenames with the following tags: resume, offline article, online article.

Final note: Since we do all invoicing and work tracking using Google docs, please make sure you have a Gmail account. Payments are made via GCash, UnionBank transfer, or PayPal, depending on writer preference.

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