Feb 1, 2011

Job Ad: Full-time Writers, Swiss Company, Good Pay, Great Boss

Want a good-paying full-time writing job where you'll get to work with intelligent people and probably the best manager you'll ever meet in your life?

Then here's a job you'll want to apply to: EFL (English as a Foreign Language) Instructional Designer. It's a job post from goFLUENT Philippines.

What does the job involve? Well, if it's the same as when I worked there, it involves creating -- mostly, writing -- material to be used for teaching English to Europeans. You'll probably also get to subtitle and crop very interesting short-documentary videos (they'll teach you how) and create Flash quizzes using Adobe Captivate (they'll teach you how) and upload material into the Internet using an FTP (they'll teach you how).

Basically, the only skill you need to bring with you is the ability to write clearly, correctly, and concisely. You should be good enough with words that you'll be able to describe what a spire is to your four-year-old niece, in such a way that she can create a correct concept of it in her mind without you having to resort to drawing or showing a picture. (They may be able to teach you how to do that as well, but it sure helps if you can already do it to a certain degree before you apply.)

And how's the company? As I said, I used to work there. My reason for leaving had nothing to do with the job.

If I were single without kids, I may have stayed there forever.

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