Feb 21, 2011

WANTED: Cooking Blogs

A friend of mine who works at a PR company is looking for bloggers she could invite to cover a special cookware event. Do you have a cooking blog or a mommy blog where you could post an article on cookware? Do send me your link via the comments box so that my friend can check out your blog!

(Please make sure there is contact information on your blog too. If not, please email it to NanayNotebook@gmail.com. But leave your link on the comments box first.)

"What's so great about going to a cookware event?" you may ask. Well, there are three things I can think of:

First, you get freebies. Oh yes, this is by far the best thing about joining an event as a member of the press/publicity team. You get far better freebies than if you just attended the launch as a potential buyer.

Second, you get to network. You meet people that could open surprising new opportunities for you to work at home. One of my fellow mommy bloggers got a new writing assignment when she attended the Aprica media launch.

And third, you get something new to write about. It opens up your world and rewards your loyal readers with something interesting and new to read about.

So send us your bloglink now!

UPDATE: The event will be on March 25, 2011. I'm not sure up to when the organizer is accepting applicant blogs, though.

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