Mar 13, 2011

Is Civimom a Scam?

UPDATE: More than two years after I posted the article below, I received the email below from a concerned mom. I have her personal details but am not divulging them here for obvious reasons.

Here is the email:

I can definitely say that they're not a scam as I worked with them for a few months before moving on. It was one of the first online websites I came across starting out and yes, it did take some time before they responded to my application, probably a month if i'm not mistaken. Their rates are relatively low for a seasoned transcriptionist but for moms or others just starting out, I believe it's a good place to start.

A reader asked me about Civimom today, asking if the company was a scam because "one of the requirements for this job is to pass a 10-document test," and I had mentioned in How to Find Work-at-Home Jobs and Not Get Scammed that you should not send the client free sample work other than what you already have in your portfolio.

The company certainly may ask you to do an assigned work, but it should be minimally compensated.

Now one thing I keep telling moms before they try out an online opportunity is
Always Google the name of the company and the word "scam" so that you can see if there are any scam reports on the company.
So that's what I did for Civimom.

What I found is that there are no explicit reports that Civimom is a scam. But I also found that of those that did apply, either they were still waiting for the results of their application or they were told that they did not pass the application.

So am I saying that Civimom is a scam?

I am saying that I have found no proof that it is not.

If any of you know of anybody who has worked for and has been paid by Civimom, do leave a comment, then e-mail me your full name and contact number at so that I can confirm that you are making the testimonial of your own free will, without any material or non-material coercion from the company.

Testimonials without the required details will be deleted.

Other comments are welcome.

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