Jul 16, 2011

FREE Internet Protection for Our Kids

I have another confession to make: I let my kids go online.

Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. Yes, sometimes when I'm busy doing stuff away from the computer (ie, getting some food into my body or getting some food out of), the kids beg to be allowed to use the computer to watch movies or go to Google Earth.

Now how could a mom refuse a kid who asks, "Mom, may I please go to Google Earth and learn more about the Earth, the moon and Mars?"

(No, he doesn't really say that. The mother's brain fills it in.)

But recently, the boy has learned to go to YouTube to look for cartoons, or to PlayHub, which he discovered when one of my jobs entailed me to write descriptions of online games. (Yes, once upon a time, I played Flash games for a living. It could have been nice, but there was a constant crowd of people at my back disturbing me while I was trying to Learn to Fly -- I mean, write.)

So for a few days, I kept worrying that he might one day chance upon those nasty things we sometimes see in video, image, or game portals -- you moms and dads know what I'm talking about.

I wanted to install one of those Internet filtering systems we've all heard so much about -- NetNanny, CyberNanny, etc. -- but they were expensive! (Okay, they were $39 dollars. That's 20 orders from Dairy Queen, you know.)

Fortunately, I found a free one, and I've been using it for three days now. It's so strict, it won't even let me search Google images if I don't type in my password.

The first time I checked, though, it let me open the dreaded games portal. But a quick adjustment to the setting and it was all set to block anything with games.

Now I can have more peace of mind when I leave the kids with the computer (for just a very short time, really!).

Anyway, you waited long for this so here it is: K9 Web Protection. Go get it installed in your computer now.

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