Aug 12, 2011

Landmark Trinoma Holds 50% Off Sale!

First, the announcement: Landmark Trinoma has a sale! Get up to 50% discount on items, until August 15. For home items, the sale lasts until August 31.

Now, the story: I don't usually keep an eye out for sales. I hate crowded stores, so I normally avoid these things like the plague.

But yesterday, Neil and I were supposed to attend the book launch of "Embrace: The Heart of Service," the 25th anniversary commemorative book of the Rotary Club's District 3780, at the Manila Hotel.

Unfortunately, heavy rains harassed us right from our house's gate up to Quezon City, and as we heard on the radio that the downpour was moving towards Manila, we did not have the courage to risk underwater driving and ended up instead at Trinoma. You see, as I was trying to find something to wear for a Manila Hotel event, I painfully realized that I needed new shoes.

When we got to Trinoma's Landmark, a wonderful sight met my eyes: "50% SALE!" Since it was a week day, the stores were empty.

I asked Neil to "please go watch a movie," and I was off on my shopping spree!

Now when I shop for shoes in other stores, I usually take a good 2 hours to find something nice and reasonably priced.

At Landmark, however, I found something in 5 minutes!

It was so unnerving, I felt compelled to look around half an hour longer before asking a salesperson to get my size. I eventually ended up with elegant black high-heeled pumps for just P700!

With Neil's movie far from being finished, I went around and got a few more things: dresses and pantyhose for the princess, and a new wallet and belt for myself. Normally, it would take me at least an hour to find the princess a dress, but Landmark's inventory was so nice, I found two adorable dresses in a very short time.

So anyway, the gist is this: Landmark has a sale, and it will be until August 15, Monday. Don't wait until the "ber" months to do your Christmas shopping. The stores are so much less crowded now.

PS: Thank you so much to Ms. Elsa Monis, department manager of children's wear, for allowing me to exchange the dress I got that was too big for my daughter, even after the standard 7-day window.

I called their office and she told me I can have it exchanged even after 7 days, as long as the dress is undamaged and all tags and receipts are intact; just look for her if I encounter any problems. Excellent customer service! Two thumbs up!

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