Aug 1, 2011

Need a Business Card? Here's a Good Printer

This nanay has just got her own business cards printed for the first time in her life. (Wow, I feel so important, ha ha ha.)

It was high time, I guess. When you're a freelancer, you've got to make sure people can find you, and sometimes, you do meet people in real life, where a Facebook page doesn't always do the trick.

So last Friday, as work burnout kept me from working, I decided to get some retail therapy by shopping online for some business cards.

I went to and found Bayani Antonio Jr. -- but he prefers to be called Jon.

Printer review

I contacted Jon via e-mail on Thursday morning asking about his charges for business card layout and printing.

I received his reply in an hour: layout is free, 100 pieces minimum (that's one box), but if I order 3 boxes, shipping is free as well. I could pay via bank transfer through BDO or RCBC, or via Paypal. I chose Paypal.

That same evening, I received his layout for the front and back of the card. (Yep, I thought I'd promote my blog at the back and my bread-and-butter in front.)

With a few small edits suggested by my husband, we finalized the layout before I went to bed that "night," which was practically Friday very early morning already. I'm sure all you working moms can relate.

Here is the finalized layout.



The very next day (Friday), the cards were printed in glossy finish, so they look more like plastic than cardboard.

On Saturday, he shipped them out, and this morning, I received them. (Oh how I love getting things by mail. It's one of my secret pleasures, one reason why I do almost all my shopping online.)

Final verdict: I love this guy! page

I'm pasting Jon's details here from his page because I can't really depend on that ad page link to stay active forever. He's based, I think, in Marilao, Bulacan, so if you're near there, the shipping may cost you less. (He  charged me the regular LBC rate for Luzon-to-Luzon shipping.)


One(1) side print                        300.00
        With lamination                      375.00
Two (2) side print                       350.00
        With lamination                     425.00
*Card box included

Free delivery via LBC for every 3 boxes

We accept payment thru BDO bank deposit
Account Name:   Bayani S Antonio Jr
Account #: 1840384601
Marilao, Bulacan  branch
or pay with your card thru Paypal

For more info please contact:
                  Jon                   09473938830                  
                  Mon                  09267279482   
                  Cathy               09074560286

PS: Jon didn't know I'd be writing about him, so Jon, if you're reading this -- surprise! He he he. Thanks for doing a good job.

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