Jan 13, 2012

Rule for Kiddie Plates: Put Six Colors

There's this interesting research that just came out from the journal Acta Paediatrica that says kids are more attracted to their food if

  1. their plates contain seven different food items, 
  2. features six different colors, and 
  3. the food is arranged in the shape of a familiar object, such as a flower or an animal, or maybe letters or numbers.

On the other hand, adults prefer just three items and three colors on their plates.

I guess this is why animal crackers and shaped chicken nuggets are such a hit with kids.

Now I'm trying to see if this study can help me feed my picky eater more things, such as, well, bananas. (How could anybody not like bananas, right? I mean, veggie haters, I totally understand -- but banana haters??? But I am still unsuccessful in convincing my daughter it is totally unthinkable for anybody to not like bananas.)

My biggest problem right now, though, is where to get seven food items and six colors to put on their plates. Six colors! That's practically every color in the rainbow, minus one!

Hmm ... maybe fried rice. That's white rice, orange carrots, green peas, yellow scrambled eggs ... red bell pepper? I'm still short one color and two food items ...

Maybe I could poke jellybeans into the banana, in a spiral shape. That should give me at least six colors -- but that's just two food items.

Really, the brilliance of these scientists never ceases to astound me. Imagine, they were able to come up with  multiple plates of seven food items and six colors for their experiments!

In my case, it seems to me that the most attractive plate for my daughter needs just one color, yellow -- yellow French fries, that is.

Can you come up with seven food items and six colors that you could fit into your kid's plate? Do tell us how!

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