Feb 28, 2012

Work-at-Home Jobs and Businesses You Can Do in the Philippines, Part I

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"I want to work at home -- but what can I do?" Very common question. Here are some answers:

1. Accounting

If you have accounting background and experience, you can offer your services on the Internet (or you can advertise it here on the Nanay Notebook). A lot of people, including myself, hate to do their own paperwork, so if we can get somebody to handle our BIR registrations; tax computations; monthly, quarterly, and annual filing; financial statement preparation; SSS, HDMF, and Philhealth payments and record-keeping, why we would be willing to pay you a reasonable retainer's fee!

2. Human resources consultant

One of my clients operates a business with two employees, but he still gets a human resources consultant. Why? Maybe he realizes that an expert can judge character better than he can. Maybe he has more profitable things to do than sort through resumes and conduct preliminary interviews. Maybe he wants to make sure that all contracts and paperwork are done right -- with the way the laws of this country are communicated and implemented among the public, you could be doing something illegal without ever knowing it, believe me, I know! Maybe he wants somebody else to do the dirty job of sacking a person who has been found incompetent (or just lazy) with his work.

The point is, there are people who are willing to hire human resources consultants in the Philippines.

3. Photographers and videographers

Wedding photographers, pet photographers, baptismal photographers, party photographers -- the fact is, photography and videography are hard, and if you know how to do it, then you have a saleable skill right there. You'll probably need equipment, though.

If all you have is a digital camera and a printer, set up a stand for ID picture photography.

4. Art/music/sports/dance instruction

Oh, this one's great, because your target market is children, and parents tend to spend more easily for their children than for themselves. Come summertime, or even during school weekends, offer to teach kids a skill you know, be it

  • drawing
  • painting
  • singing
  • street dancing
  • ballet
  • martial arts
  • piano
  • violin
  • guitar
  • etc. 

You don't need a big fancy studio or even super-great skills. If a parent just wants to know if her kid has some gift in a certain field, she'll be perfectly willing to enroll her kid in your ballet class, even if you just hold it in your backyard, if the price is right, and especially if you just live in the same village!

Once she knows her kid has a gift and will stay with the sport or art, then she can opt to enroll the child in one of those fancier, more distant, more expensive schools.

5. Jewelry designer

If you know how to make jewelry, you can sell them on eBay. Jewelry are great eBay items because they are small, often non-fragile, and cost little to ship.

6. Event organizer

If you enjoy organizing parties for your children, why not level up and start organizing parties for other people too? By now, you've probably met a lot of caterers, balloon sculpture makers, cake makers, clowns, event hosts, dressmakers, and whatever else parties need, to offer a good variety of choices for your clients.

7. Event hosting

If you've been asked to emcee a lot of events for free before, you could probably start emceeing for strangers and charging them for it too!

8. Freelance musician

Who would need this? Well, weddings, for one. A violinist or flute player would provide a good touch at a wedding ceremony. Some people may want a musician at their parties. You'll probably need to have a good barong or tuxedo, though.

9. Language tutor

You can do this online. Lots of parents would love for their kids to learn a second language. Some people may just want somebody to practice with.

10. Subject tutor

If you're good at science or math or English or Filipino (you'd be surprised at how many kids need Filipino tutors), offer tutorial services, even via Skype.

Okay, I gotta go back to my own work now. Please wait for the next items on this list (oh, there are many) and for advice on how to get clients for these jobs. Till next time!

Are you already doing any of these businesses? Let us know and we'll post a free blog article to let the world know about you and the services/products you are offering!

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