Jun 15, 2012

Buy Globe Gcash Online Through the Unionbank-to-Gcash eMoney Xchange Service

I've just discovered it's now possible to get Gcash transferred from your Unionbank savings, checking, or EON account.

What you need:
A Gcash account
A Unionbank savings/checking/EON account

What to do:

  1. Enroll for Unionbank's eMoney Xchange service. You can do this by calling Unionbank's customer service at (02) 841-8600 and telling them you want to enroll your account for eMoney Xchange.

    The operator will get your name, account details, and verify your identity by asking the standard security questions. Then you will be asked to nominate a six-digit MPIN, so have one ready.

    You'll be put on hold for a while, then you'll have to wait around two banking days for the registration to be completed. Then you should receive a text message confirming successful registration. After that you can transfer money from your Unionbank account to Gcash.
  2. To transfer funds from Unionbank to Gcash, text U2G <amount>, then send to 2318.

    Example: U2G 1000 (to send P1,000). Your Unionbank account will record two charges: P1,000 for the Gcash and P10 standard service fee. The service fee remains the same no matter how much Gcash you load to your phone from your Unionbank account.

    So if your account has P2000 and you send P1000 to your phone, your phone will receive P1000 Gcash, and your remaining balance will be P990.
    The minimum amount you can load is P100. Maximum is P20,000.
  3. To transfer funds from Gcash to Unionbank, text G2U  <amount>, then send to 2318. There will be a P7.50 charge, deducted from the amount transferred. So if you text G2U P1,000, your account will receive P1,000 - P7.50, or P992.50.

    The minimum amount you can transfer is P100. Maximum is P20,000 per transaction, P40,000 per day.
For more details, you can visit Unionbank's Gcash FAQ page.

By the way, from what I've heard, you can also transfer from BPI to Gcash and vice versa. I wouldn't know anything about it, though, as I don't have a BPI account.

Have you tried the BPI or Unionbank facility for Gcash purchase? Do share your experience here with us!

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