Mar 5, 2013

Get Ready for Summer with These Fun Summer Drinks!

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Summer is definitely in the air. (Alas, so soon, so soon!) If this year's summer is going to be anything like last year's, then you'd better have a cool, refreshing drink on hand to make it bearable – something ice-cold, delicious, and nutritious.

No ideas? I've got suggestions.

1. Pink lemonade. I have long wondered how they made those pink lemonades I saw on TV. To be honest, I still haven't figured it out – but I've discovered a local method for making something pretty similar. The secret is camote tops! Yup, all you need to do is boil some talbos ng camote until the water turns pink. Then you remove the leaves and add one part lemon juice to three parts water. Add sugar and pour into a tall ice-filled glass. It's delicious and – thanks to the camote tops – nutritious! (If you don't have lemons, you can use calamansi juice instead.)

2. Melon quenchers. Here's an adventurous recipe. All you need is three ice cubes and one cup of melon cubes per serving. Blend them together until the mixture turns to a frothy puree, then add honey to taste.The adventurous part is that you can use different melons for different taste sensations. The most commonly available melons are watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe. Try them separately or mix them all together.

3. Mango mint green tea. Steep five tea bags in two cups of boiling water. After five minutes, add a 12-ounce can of mango nectar into the tea. Add sugar to taste. Slightly crush some mint leaves, add to the mixture, and chill the beverage for at least two hours. This recipe makes five servings.

4. Citrus-herb water. For those who love to drink plain water but are seeking something just a wee bit more exciting this summer, try out this concoction. All you need to do is put four sliced lemons or eight sliced dayap and one cup of slightly crushed basil or mint leaves into eight cups of water. Chill the mixture for one to eight hours, then strain off the solid parts. Pour the water into tall ice-filled glasses for a cool, clean-tasting, refreshing summer drink.

An Easier Option 

With drinks such as these, I almost wish summer were already here. But what if you're too lazy – I mean, busy – to fix your own ice-cold summer drink?

Well then, you can just pick up a well-chilled bottle of new Zesto Slice! These refreshing and affordable fruit drinks make your cool and fun summer refreshments as easy as twisting off a bottle cap.

Zesto Slice is available in four flavors: Orange, Dalandan, Mango Burst, and Grapple. The orange drink is the most nectar-y of the four, and it was the one my kids liked the most. The dalandan drink tastes similar to the orange drink, but it is lighter and is best for cooling kids down after a hot sunny day of play.

Grapple is my favorite. It is a mixture of grape and apple and tastes a lot like apple iced tea. Mango Burst also tastes pretty much like iced tea, but with a mango-strawberry twist. These two are most appreciated by adults who are looking for an interesting new zest in their chilled summer beverage.

Each 355 ml bottle of Zesto Slice is loaded with 100% of your daily vitamin C needs, plus substantial amounts of vitamin E, vitamin A, and zinc. So when the summer heat comes, my family will be ready to face it with a healthy, convenient, budget-friendly, and yummy refreshing drink!

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Disclosure: This is a paid advertorial for Zesto Slice.

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