May 31, 2013

Where to Find Products for Your Online Business

I just came upon this website that may help jumpstart that online business you've been dreaming of. is a clearinghouse of product suppliers that are duly registered in the Philippines. If you're looking for a reputable supplier and drop shipper for products that you would like to sell in your online store, it's worth checking this site out.

How does it work?

Through certification, ensures that a company is duly registered locally before it is included in the website's database. Then, the website reviews these companies' profiles and provide honest feedback for the users, that is, you!

Once you are in the site, you can find suppliers and apply to them for a reseller account. When your reseller account application is approved, you can search or browse for the supplier's products that you want to sell under your own account at,, etc.

Then, you can simply copy and paste the product's description into your website. You receive the buyers' orders and payments, and you can forward the order with corresponding payment to your supplier.

The supplier will then ship directly to your buyer. This system is called drop shipping, and it has helped many online sellers put up successful stores even without huge warehouses.

If you want to know more about drop shipping, you can search for it online.

To get access to, you need to request for an invitation. Just click on the "Request an Invite" button at the bottom of their homepage. There's nothing to lose but a few minutes of your time. Why not check it out and get that online store of your dreams started (before the BIR makes it expensive and complicated to start online businesses as well)? Log on to now.

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