Sep 5, 2013

Want Taller, Smarter, Diabetes-Resistant Kids? Drink Milk While Pregnant

(Image: kris69)
Danish researchers have found that children have a better chance of growing up tall if their mother drank at least 150 ml of milk per day during pregnancy. 

And it's not just that the babies are born bigger; they retain the growth advantage when they are teenagers.

The study was started in 1988 by monitoring the milk intake of over 800 pregnant women. When the babies were born, their lengths and weight were measured. Then, after almost 20 years, the same children were measured again.

The results showed that both male and female children of mothers who drank milk were taller than their counterparts whose mothers who did not drink milk.

In addition, scientists have also found that these children of milk-drinking mothers had higher blood insulin levels, which suggested that they had a lower risk of getting type 2 diabetes.

A separate study by British scientists also found that milk-drinking women gave birth to babies with higher IQ and better reading abilities. They credit this to the iodine content of milk, and propose that the same benefits can be gotten from other high-iodine foodstuff.

I guess the takeaway here is that if you want taller, smarter, healthier kids, drink milk while pregnant. 

Now I certainly can understand why we all want our kids to be healthy. And I guess high IQ is not bad if we know how to manage a child who is smarter than we are. 

But I am not so sure about the benefits of having very tall children. Why do we want our children to be so tall? Any thoughts?

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