May 17, 2014

How to Verify Your PayPal Account Without a Credit Card

Usually, you need a credit card to verify your PayPal account. With an unverified account, you can only transfer money to other PayPal users, but you can never withdraw money from PayPal to your bank account.

Well, there two ways I know to verify your PayPal account without a credit card:

1. Open an Eon account at UnionBank. The EON card is dual purpose: You can use it as a VISA debit card to verify your account at PayPal. You can also use it as a savings account to withdraw your PayPal funds.

An advantage of opening a UnionBank Eon account is that if you transfer PayPal funds to this bank account, there will be absolutely no service charges from the bank.

In contrast, if you transfer from PayPal to other banks, there is a service charge ranging from about P70 (Metrobank) to P200 (BDO and RCBC).

: I've only listed the banks I've actually transferred money to. Just because a bank is not listed here does not mean it has no service charge. It probably does.
2. Get a BPI ePrepaid card, which is, in essence, a MasterCard debit card. Like Unionbank's EON, the BPI ePrepaid card can also be used to verify your Paypal account.

The BPI ePrepaid Card 
has a 100% application approval guarantee, so it's easier to get than the EON card of Unionbank. (Sometimes, Unionbank disapproves its EON applicants.)
However, unlike the
EON account, which is both a debit card and an ATM savings account, the BPI ePrepaid Card is only a debit card. You can only use it to verify and fund your Paypal account, but if you try to withdraw your Paypal funds to it, PayPal will charge you $5 (approx. P200) for the withdrawal no matter how much you are withdrawing.

In contrast, if you withdraw Paypal fund to your EON account, there is no fee if you are withdrawing more than P7,000. If you withdraw less than P7,000, the fee is only P50.

If you use the BPI ePrepaid card, I would recommend you withdraw your money to a separate account, not to your ePrepaid card. You could withdraw to your BPI savings account if you have one, but I would recommend Metrobank because they have the lowest charges I've found (P78), next to Unionbank, which charges zero.

To get a BPI ePrepaid Card, complete the application form, bring a valid ID to your chosen pick-up branch after 5-7 days, and pay the P500-P600 application fee.
I know P600 sounds expensive, but you won't have to pay that again until after 2 years, when your card expires and needs to be renewed. In the long run, it is cheaper than Unionbank EON's P350 annual fee.

To learn more about the BPI ePrepaid Card, click here.

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