Jun 13, 2014

Villa Rivera Wave Resort: A Clean, Convenient, and Affordable Resort in Rodriguez (Montalban), Rizal

(Top left to bottom right: the ticketing office, the parking lot, the wave pool, a covered table area, the Jacuzzi pool, and the slide pool.)
Yesterday, my family and I went swimming for the first time this summer. (We were waiting for the summer vacation crowd to wane.) We went to Villa Rivera Wave Resort, and we loved it!

Here's why:

1. It's clean. I don't know if it's just because there weren't a lot of people yesterday, but the water in the pool was clear, free of debris, and completely odorless. 

There were trash cans conveniently located near the tables too, so littering is controlled.

The ladies' shower area was not completely litter-free -- there was a shampoo sachet or two on the soap racks -- but at least the litter was not on the floor, which for some reason, I find yuckier.

2. It's convenient. The parking lot is right in front of the ticketing office and less than 20 steps away from the pool area. 

There are three pools, enclosed on three sides by the table/cottage areas. The pools are always less than 50 steps away from your table no matter where you sit. You can always see your table while you're swimming. 

The tables have racks above them where you can put your stuff, so your seats don't get filled up with bags instead of people. 

It's very near McDonald's Rodriguez, so yes, you can order for your lunch to be delivered there. (We did.) Pizza Hut does not deliver there, though. Jollibee probably does.

It's also very, very near the highway -- less than a hundred steps away, I think -- so it's easy to reach it with just public transportation. 

3. It's affordable. The entrance for daytime swimming is P180 if you're 4 feet or taller, and P150 if you're less than 4 feet tall. (My 1.5-year-old baby's entrance was not free.) A set of tables and chairs good for eight people costs as little as P300. 

Granted that it's not the cheapest place to swim in Rodriguez (some resorts here have entrance fees as low as P50), it's not the most expensive either. It's a good mid-range resort: expensive enough to discourage huge crowds and inexpensive enough for me. (Ha, ha!)

Manage your expectations

As much as I loved the place, I must add that it is not perfect. 

First, the after-swim showers for the ladies have no privacy stalls. It's just a row of showers where you can see the person next to you, like a men's shower room.

If you want to take a full bath, ladies, you need to do it with some difficulty in the toilets, where there are small buckets and dippers you could use. 

There are privacy stalls but for changing only and not for bathing. There are no showers in these stalls, only racks for holding your towel and clothes.

What I did was I just rinsed myself at the shower and changed into dry clothing, then I took my full bath when I got home half an hour later. However, this may not be feasible if you're coming from a place outside of San Mateo and Rodriguez.

That small space you see behind
the umbrella is the entire parking lot.
Second, the parking lot is tiny. From my estimate, it had slots for about 10 cars. If you're a big group with multiple vehicles, you'd have a hard time finding a place to park here.

Third, there is lax enforcement of pool rules. At the entrance, I saw "Strictly NO eating, drinking, and smoking beside the pool," but at the pool area, there were people eating cake (the crumbly, handheld type, like they sell at Goldilocks) as they sat beside the pool, with their feet in the water. 

They did this for an extended period of time, and nobody stopped them.

As a client who likes to swim in a debris-free pool, this concerned me. But I went there to have fun, and it is not fun to have to tell off your fellow swimmers. Somebody else from the pool management should have done that.

Nevertheless, as I said before, my family and I loved the place. We love the wave pool, the small Jacuzzi-like pool, the chocolate/coffee vendo machine (bring whole P5 coins), and the nice ladies that sell the tickets and snacks. 

We will definitely go back on another school day, when hopefully, there will be few other people around and nobody who will eat beside the pool.

(Images from Villa Rivera Wave Resort's Facebook page.)

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