Jul 31, 2014

The Kasambahay and Household Employer Unified Registration Form [DOWNLOAD and VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS]

A reader just informed me today that we can now register our kasambay (household helper) to three government agencies – the SSS, HDMF and Philhealth – in ONE registration step!

(Thank you, Leah. You rock!)

How to do it? Watch the video below. Then, scroll down further to download the form. 

Click a link below to download the Kasambahay and Household Employer Unified Registration Form:

As per RA 10361, or the Kasambahay Law, our household employees also have rights, just like ordinary workers. They should also be members of the PAGIBIG Fund, SSS, and Philhealth so that they can take advantage of their benefits. 

Because of this, the Kasambahay Unified Registration System was established. Here are the steps for household employees to register and become members of PAGIBIG, SSS, and Philhealth:
  1. The household employer and household helper may go to the nearest branch of PAGIBIG, SSS, or Philhealth to get the Household Employer and Kasambahay Unified Registration Forms.

    Because the registration is already unified, only one agency needs to be visited to be registered with all three agencies. For instance, if the nearest office is a PAGIBIG office, the household employer and household employee can go there to be registered not just with PAGIBIG but also with SSS and Philhealth. You no longer have to visit the three agencies one by one. Now it's three in one!
  2. Fill out the registration forms with the required information, such as full name, address, age, sex, birth date, civil status, etc.
  3. Afterwards, submit the accomplished forms to be registered.
  4. Just wait for the printout to ensure that you have been registered with the three agencies. When you receive the printout with the membership numbers for PAGIBIG, SSS, and Philhealth, sign it. 
You are now registered with the three agencies! You may now pay the necessary contributions at each agency, or go to a Bayad (Payment) Center outlet or to SM business centers. 

You may also download the Household Employer and Kasambahay Unified Registration Forms at these websites:
  • www.pagibigfund.gov.ph
  • www.sss.gov.ph
  • www.philhealth.gov.ph
The Kasambahay Unified Registration Form – easier and more convenient!

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