Jul 21, 2016

Best Gifts for a New Mom's Baby Shower

Someone I know is having a baby!

And since you're reading this article, I'd bet someone you know is having a baby too.

So what would be a good gift to bring to the baby shower?

A few months ago, I worked at this parenting store. It was full of the most wonderful, amazing, why-did-I-not-know-that-thing-existed-when-I-had-my-first-baby-eleven-years-ago kind of merchandise.

So I've got a headful of stuff that I think a new mom would love. Choose your budget below.

For less than P500

Sacred newborn cleanser. This specialized infant cleanser is formulated to clean and protect from irritation the skin of babies 0-6 months old.

How did it come about? Well, according to the manufacturer Gov Daswani, a dermatologist mom once lamented there was nothing in the market she could recommend for the sensitive skin of babies in their first 6 months of life.

So Gov brought together a team of chemists and came up with a liquid baby wash that's completely free of any harsh ingredients, meaning no fragrance, no strong acids, no dermatitis-causing potassium sorbate/sorbic acid or methylisothiazolinones, and no parabens either.

Although parabens have not been clinically proven to be toxic to humans when used as a skin cleanser ingredient, they are recognized as an environmental contaminant; and naturally, we want to preserve the world we are bringing babies into, right?

The result was Sacred newborn cleanser, the simplest, most gentle baby wash in the market today, specially made for baby's sacred 6 months.

Incidentally, because Sacred has no sorbic acid and methylisothiazolinones, you can also use it for older babies suffering from irritant- or allergy-triggered rashes.

Price: P399

For P600–P1,000

Mommy Treats Lactation Brownies. Pregnancy is often a tough time for mommies. (Personally, I'd rather give birth 9 times a year than be pregnant for 9 months!)

Mommy treats will help your pregnant friend forget her discomforts even for just a little while.

But you have to be careful what treats to give, because you have to consider the health of both the mommy and the baby.

Mommy Treats lactation brownies are healthy low-sugar, low-fat, super-delicious treats specially designed for mommies.

Not only do they satiate sweet cravings, their ingredients also include milk supply enhancers such as brewer's yeast, oats, flaxseed, and oatmeal to increase mommy's milk supply for baby.

In addition, these ingredients are rich in fiber, iron, vitamin B, and Omega-3, so they're really good for pregnant women.

Price: P660 (12-day supply)

Mega Malunggay. We always say there's no better gift than the gift of good health.

Give good health to both your pregnant friend and her baby by giving her a large box of Mega Malunggay capsules, the most nutrient- and antioxidant-rich malunggay (Moringa oleifera) capsules in the local market today.

With its 600 mg of pure malunggay powder, Mega Malunggay packs 140% more malunggay than the 250-mg capsule of the leading malunggay brand. The price difference, however, is miniscule: P9.50/capsule of Mega Malunggay vs. P9.15/capsule of the other brand.

Note, too, that unlike many malunggay capsules, which are made with various parts of the malunggay tree, Mega Malunggay contains only malunggay leaves, which have demonstrated more antixodant activity than any other malunggay part.

Several clinical studies have also proven the efficacy of malunggay supplements in increasing milk supply after 7 days of daily consumption.

Mega Malunggay is also available in 10-capsule and 20-capsule packs, priced at P100 and P200, respectively.

Price: P950 (box of 100)

For P1,001–P2,000

Ribbed cover-ups. If your friend plans to breastfeed exclusively for at least 6 months, she will inevitably end up nursing or pumping in public quite a few times.

She will probably feel way more comfortable doing so with a nursing cover-up. (Although some of us are not shy about nursing openly anywhere and everywhere, we would still cover up when pumping in public.)

There are plenty of cover-up varieties in the market. Some can double as infinity scarves, shawls, blankets, pouches, etc.

But in my experience, the best cover-up is the one that is specifically designed as a nursing cover-up and nothing else. I'm talking about the one with a stiff plastic rib that keeps the top of the cover-up open so you can easily see your baby or pump inside the cover-up.

This rib is especially useful when you're hand expressing, because then you'll need both hands to express, and you'll also need to see what you're doing or you'll end up squirting milk all over the place.

In our workplace, my colleagues and I use our cover-ups in lieu of a lactation station because we prefer to work while pumping (I hope our boss is reading this, ha ha).

Price: P1,300

Tummy Tub. I admit, I've called it "a very expensive bucket" too, once in my life.

But when I brought home my preemie and found out how much he loved being almost-fully immersed in warm water (he actually fell asleep), I wished I had a Tummy Tub, which was truly designed to mimic the womb experience, unlike your regular bucket.

One important thing about the Tummy Tub is that it's transparent, so it's easier to make sure baby is safe inside.

Also, unlike a regular bucket, the Tummy Tub plastic is completely safe and non-toxic for baby to suck and chew on.

It has a slip-proof base. It has absolutely no sharp edges. And it has no bucket handle that could accidentally pinch an exploring baby's fingers.

Unlike a baby bathtub, the Tummy Tub's high edges also protect baby from the ambient air, keeping the warmth of the warm water in and the cold air out.

Naturally, all these things come with a price. But what, really, is the price of baby's comfort and safety?

Baby Meet World has an excellent piece on the Tummy Tub, so rather than plagiarize their content, I'll just send you there with this link: A Guide to TummyTub Across the Ages.

Price: P1,395

Medela Harmony manual breastpump. Finally, if you want to hear a real scream of joy, give your friend the breastpump brand that's trusted by hospitals the world over: Medela.

The Medela Harmony is a comfortable, ergonomic, manual breastpump. Like its electric counterparts, the Medela Harmony incorporates Medela's special 2-Phase Expression technology, which allows the mother to express more milk in less time compared to other pumps.

It's not called the "Rolls-Royce of breast pumps" for nothing.

IMPORTANT: New moms are advised to breastfeed directly and exclusively during their baby's first 6 months. 

However, working moms may need to leave their baby sooner to return to work, and that is when breastpumps come in handy.

Even for fully home-based moms, the Medela Harmony is useful for when the new mom needs to relieve an engorged breast or pump a few ounces to leave with baby's caregiver before she goes out for errands.

Shy moms may also find the almost-soundless Medela Harmony a more discreet way to pump in public than its motorized counterparts.

Price: P2,000

Now my list ends at P2,000 because for my own emotional health, I avoid ogling products with price tags that go above that.

But if your budget is higher, there are many other excellent baby shower gifts you can find at The Parenting Emporium, located at 29 1st Street, New Manila, Quezon City, Philippines.

They've got co-sleepers, baby clothes, bamboo diapers, brown rice rings, electric breastpumps, etc.

They've also got parenting classes and support groups for various parenting situations, such as exclusive breastfeeding, raising multiples, raising kids with special needs, homeschooling, etc.

To get their full list of item prices, parenting classes, and support group meetings, email info@theparentingemporium.com. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram (just search for "The Parenting Emporium").

The Nanay Notebook is written by Blessie Adlaon, a homeschooling mom of five. Check out our About page to know more about this blog's author and our policies on advertising, press releases, and reposting.

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