Mar 30, 2017

The First Ever Mom & Baby Expo (and Why It Really Is the First Ever!)

Yes, we've all seen so many mom & baby expos before.

But you've never seen anything like this one.

This is the first ever Mom & Baby Expo from no less than the Perinatal Association of the Philippines (PAP).

Who are they? They're the very same doctors who
  • are managing/will manage your prenatal care, 
  • will be delivering your baby, and 
  • will be managing your care again until you and your baby go home.
So this expo is bound to be the most health-oriented and medically sound mom & baby expo we've ever seen.

When, Where, What

It's going to be at the SM Megamall Megatrade Halls 2&3, from April 21 (Friday, 2–10 PM) to April 23 (Sunday, 10 AM–10 PM).

The entrance fee is P50 per head.

There will be raffle draws and partner promotions every 2 to 2.5 hours. (Of course they have industry partners. If they didn't, we wouldn't have freebies!).

On Saturday, at 4:00 PM, they'll be holding children's games, so that's probably the best time for us non-pregnant moms with kids and toddlers to be there.

Of course, there will be stalls filled with pretty things to buy (or, in my case, gawk over) and yummy things to eat.

But the main attraction would be the doctors' lectures. Here's the schedule of talks and speakers:

April 22, Saturday


11:00–11:30 What do I Need to Do to Get Pregnant? (Planning and Preconception Tests)

11:30–12:00 Vaccines for Mothers by Dr. Jane Marie B. Samonte


1:30–2:30 Nutrition During Pregnancy: Eating for Two? / You've Got to Move It, Move It, Mommy by Dr. Christia S. Padolina

3:30–4:00 Macronutrient and Micronutrient Needs for Mom by Dr. Ma. Lourdes B. Escobar

5:30–6:00 Breastfeeding Pearls by Dr. Ryan B. Capitulo

6:00–6:30 Skin Care for Mom and Baby by Dr. Ma. Victoria Dizon

7:00–7:30 Sayuntis: Exercise During Pregnancy (Dance Workshop) by Dr. Ma. Stephanie Fay S. Cagayan

April 23, Sunday


10:45–11:45 Atopy: Is There a Solution?


1:30–2:00 Infections During Pregnancy: Vaginosis, UTI, STD by Dr. Edna A. Corpuz-Navallo

2:00–2:30 Prenatals: How Important Are They? by Dr. Ma. Lourdes B. Escobar

3:30–4:00 Countdown…Baby Out! (What Now?) by Dr. Alma M. Dela Merced

4:00–4:30 Expanded Newborn Screening by Dr. Belen Amparo E. Velasco

5:00–5:30 Vaccines for Baby by Dr. Carlos T. Nunez


The first ever Mom & Baby Expo 2017 is held by PAP in partnership with following healthcare/medical societies:
  • Philippine Obstetrical and Gynecological Society
  • Philippine Pediatrics Society
  • Philippine Society of Newborn Medicine
  • Mother and Child Nurses Association of the Philippines
  • Integrated Midwives Association of the Philippines
To learn more about the first ever Mom & Baby Expo 2017, like and follow their page on Facebook:

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